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Foshan sharp machinery equipment co., LTD., the company engaged in research and development of woodworking machinery products. Production line of vacuum coating machine and all spare parts sell well all over the country. Our advantage lies in product r&d and innovation, the company is committed to tracking the world in the same industry the most advanced technology, and draw lessons from and absorbing, application, improve, continuously the advanced technology, affordable products dedicated to the national wood industry enterprise. In the development of the future, the company has been committed to scientific research and development, the company mainly control the core technology, and a changing market. The enterprise into a high efficiency, high yield, pioneering innovation of technology-intensive entities. This company produces the machine can be widely used in furniture cabinets, composite door, door cover line UV lacquer painting, the line that play a base, side curtain rod, frame and so on line UV and water-based paint spraying. The masses of customers to provide a full range of technical services. We always believe quality win customers heart, cast quality brand, customer is our best advertisement, we will based on high, continuously forge ahead, perfect sales network, make the product quality, to the masses of customers to provide more practical, satisfied with the products.


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