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The world wood profiles
Release time:2018-09-09 22:53:44 source:Foshan sharp road machinery equipment co., LTD
Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and so on all over the world there is wood production, under the background of abundant natural resources, the wood is widely used in various industries. They have what kind of wood? To popularize it.
Material in southeast Asia: development earlier, since and eighties of the last century, has produced a batch of nouveau riche. Is famous for its produce rosewood, red sandalwood, sour branch, cuttlefish, white branches, flower pear, chicken wings, ebony, shipbuilding material is pontianak, tip wood, outdoor garden anticorrosive no merbau, willow eucalyptus, kapur, bolles, furniture wood decoration materials have gold pomelo, cloning, honey tree, white, black walnut, red walnut, southwest birch, water melon, etc, of rubber wood sawn timber a lot into China, Burma teak is is famous for its excellent quality.
Material in South America, South America has the world's largest rainforest, is rich in many kinds of wood, red sandalwood, longfeng tan, iron wire, according to Mr, jia ba, tao ali and so on, these are mostly floor billet into China, origin is Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay's green sandalwood is a good material of annatto furniture, surinam, and Guyana is currently the only South America area, to a large number of export of logs to China in recent years, in the north American countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, panama, costa rica yield of teak and micro concave cocobolo cocobolo cocobolo, Belize, Central America, etc. Well, get the market recognition and favor, especially dimple cocobolo, many believe that with further appreciation potential.
African material: poor African countries, is one of the most potential lumber producers. East Africa lobular red wingceltis, grey skin, small wings, high cotton pear, sandalwood, ebony, Africa acid branches, big leaf red sandalwood is a good material to make classic annatto furniture, such as central Africa Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, Zaire, flowers, big chicken wings, the sand Billy, teak, safflower pear king, tully, such as large diameter logs, flowing into Chinese. In recent years, the west African countries and spend pear (hedgehog rosewood) is set off a whirlwind, as new JinGong mywood, quickly filled with annatto furniture market with extremely high cost performance.
Material: North America, by contrast, is not strong, but the supply and demand is stable, hard mywood kind of red oak, white oak, ash, black walnut, cherry, maple, boxwood, alder, cork types with hemlock, SPF, yellow pine, fir, white pine, etc., large amount. Hardwood in comparatively large red oak for two years.
Material: European beech is one of the most mature, in addition the European oak, northeast China ash also slowly open markets in the recent years, the European cork class like mongolica, picea, pinus densiflora, compared with loose and New Zealand, a slightly higher price.
The northeast, Russia: the most common type of northeast China ash, oak, birch, elm wood, Chinese catalpa wood and pine.
Material: southwest southwest birch, water melon, wondering black walnut, white wood, iron, etc.
Papua New Guinea material: Papua New Guinea, belongs to Oceania, eastern Indonesia, to China over the years all sorts of log/miscellaneous wood, such as black, TB, quantity is big, the price is low.
Material: Australia, Australia, New Zealand radiata pine, is a large amount of into China, has been the occupy pine timber imports. Australian sandalwood value is higher, rubber and all kinds of hardwood species and tower eucalyptus wood.

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