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Band sawing machine, band saw tooth shape analysis
Release time:2018-09-09 22:57:32 source:Foshan sharp road machinery equipment co., LTD
Band saw machine band saw tooth type is commonly pitch, that is, a jagged teeth source and its adjacent another saw tooth distance, tooth type and must be in accordance with the size of the band saw blade pitch (i.e., the width and thickness of the band saw blade) and sawing wood texture is soft, to specific provisions. Sawing soft wood, serrated resistance of small, the impact on the band saw blade is less, so that we can in a certain period of time to make more sawtooth contact with processed wood, in order to improve the production efficiency of lumber.
Improve the speed of band saw, at the same time, also can be applied to the thickness of the thin band saw blade, such not only can reduce the loss of saw road, and sawing wood, smooth bright and clean.
To at the same time make more sawtooth through saw road, if the blade pitch narrow, the size of the tooth hook Angle increased, and the end of the tooth depth, in order to eliminate sawdust, more can accord with the ideal of lumber, but to design a good tooth type, must want to have the rich experience and lucubration of perseverance.
Sawing wood or quality of a material soft quality slightly hard wood, sawtooth of resistance is bigger, so the band sawing machine is running, the band saw blade linear velocity should be reduced to 3000 meters per minute; Reduce the extent of serrated teeth hook Angle, in order to reduce resistance of sawtooth during the lumber, in order to strengthen the strength of the sawtooth tooth, serrated teeth bottom depth shallower.
Band sawing machine to make the band saw blade from sawing wood cracks by it through smoothly, reduce the friction band saw blade and wood, avoid the band saw blade by curf (i.e., sawing wood is open the aperture) biting, must make serrated tooth part more than the thickness of the blade itself, the thickening part called saw road
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