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Saw the wood bending
Release time:2018-09-09 22:59:05 source:Foshan sharp road machinery equipment co., LTD
Woodworking band saw and ringy unprovoked saw, band saw blade for around two saw wheel on one-way continuous linear motion to sawing wood sawing machine.
And saw the wood bending, there are a few those reasons:
1. Sawing machine:
1 the tensioner is ineffective, low birth weight. General repair tensioner, heavier weight.
Before and after (2) saw wheel flange surface wear, different diameter, surface of grinding wheel rim.
2. The saw blade:
1) tooth shape is not straight, tooth room is too small, narrow blade and bias. Correction of tooth shape, increase tooth chamber, adjusting saw road.
(2) the optimum strength, loose mouth, adjust the lengths.
(3) joint is overmuch, dressing inappropriately. Less as far as possible make the saw blade joint, or to give special repair to the joint number of saw blade.
3. The operational reasons:
(1), and laid hands on him SongJie inconsistencies. On, lay thoughts, moving in tandem.
(2) saw card too loose or too wide, adjust good saw card.
(3) feed speed too fast, uneven. Feed stable, encounter section to slow down.
(4) saw wheel and saw blade with resin sawdust, keep clear of in time.
(5) the sawtooth is blunt, cannot continue to use, blade is bad, don't use.
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